Young Spirits: Seeking General Lee (Spirits Series)

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Young Spirits: Seeking General Lee (Spirits Series)

  • Publish Date: 2017-05-17
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Larry Odin Opseth
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What do two frontier kids do when the Confederate Army steals their Pa while they are out fishing? They hitch up their pony cart and go searching for him, of course. Josie was only 13 and Aksel 10, but they were quite self-reliant and used to doing for themselves on their Missouri farm. Their Ma died 4 years ago and now Pa was gone too. They were determined to seek out General Robert E. Lee to ask if Pa could go home with them. It was a perilous journey, the Confederates and the Union armies were battling throughout their travels. They stumbled upon the remains of battles and horrifically wounded soldiers. Their Pa had taught them to never let anyone or anything suffer, so it was pure instinct for them to help. They bandaged soldiers using strips of their own clothing and saved as many as they could. They wintered with war-torn families who offered to take them in permanently but they were determined to find their Pa. Because they were children, soldiers, officers, and Generals from both sides tried to send them to somewhere away from the war but did help them however they could. They didnt know it was an adventure. To them it was simply staying alive and trying to get Pa back against all odds. They grew up beyond their youth in the 2 desperate years of searching.

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