Aftermath: Lessons In-Self Defense: What To Expect When The Shooting Stops

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Aftermath: Lessons In-Self Defense: What To Expect When The Shooting Stops

  • Publish Date: 2015-03-15
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Jim Fleming
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The book, AFTERMATH: Lessons In Self-Defense What to Expect When the Shooting Stops, will help you understand many aspects of a deadly force encounter. Before you venture out into the public armed, have you taken the time to consider the consequences of your involvement in a deadly force encounter? If it does happen, after the smoke has cleared, then what do you do? This book will help you to understand what to expect when the shooting stops. What do you say, to whom, and when? How do you deal with neighbors, friends, your own family, the media, the police? How do you protect yourself legally in the ongoing battle to protect your life and liberty? The author's broad mix of careers has provided both the background and experience to provide some useful guidance to you, an individual who may be called upon to use a weapon in self-defense, at some point in your life. He has been a police officer, is a practicing attorney, provides expert witness, and presents continuing legal education to attorneys across the county on the issues that arise in handling self-defense cases. The chapters of the book focus on basic, but important topics, that routinely come up in the self-defense cases. This reading will help to create awareness, and to stimulate your thought processes. It does not attempt to dispense legal advice. That is a job for your attorney, once you have established an attorney-client relationship with that professional. Cases differ and they are all fact dependent. Change the facts, you also change the application of the law, at least to some degree. This book will help guide you through the legal process that takes place once the self-defense shooting stops. The author's writing style is direct, the chapters fly by like a conversation, filled with practical insight and sound advice. If you are going to carry a firearm for self-defense, or employ one within your home, you need to spend considerable time preparing not only for a self-defense encounter, but for the aftermath of that encounter as well. That aftermath preparation needs to involve frank discussions with your immediate family, and with the attorney you have chosen to provide you with the legal advice necessary to protect you in the second battle, if that battle should arise. Understanding the investigative and criminal charging process will also relieve a lot of stress if you understand what is happening, or what may happen. No matter the situation, the use of deadly force in self-defense is a horribly traumatic event. It is something that those who are forced to do so will never forget. This book will be of help to you, to your families, and to the attorneys who will stand by your side in surviving the second battle the Aftermath.

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