Journey To The Year 3000 (Choose Your Own Adventure: Super Adventure)

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Journey To The Year 3000 (Choose Your Own Adventure: Super Adventure)

  • Publish Date: 1987-02-01
  • Binding: Mass Market Paperback
  • Author: Edward Packard
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January 14, 3000. You've been hibernating in aspace capsule for a thousand years. Now you're awakeand ready to return to the Earth of the future--butyour computer has horrifying news to report. Anevil tyrant named Styx Mori has proclaimed himselfSupreme Emperor of Earth. He has agentseverywhere--even on other planets. And no matter where youland, you face capture--and even death! What shouldyou do?

If you decide to land onMars, turn to page 24. If you decide to land onEarth, turn to page 29. If you choose to go backinto hibernation, turn to page 31. Beware! You'repitted against the most ruthless tyrant the universehas ever known--and the odds against you are256,000 to one!

What happens next?Only you can find out. How will the story end? It alldepends on the choices you make. And in thisadventure in this brand-new series, you can make moreexciting choices than ever before!

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